Winter Drive, Ohio to NY




I Never realized how many Fears I had …Until I started to face them.

Today I went to my first of many meeting for Toastmasters. Greeted & welcomed by 20 people I walked into the years in making meeting I have been wanting to attend. Energy and creativity filled the room as it was “Hat Day” ;where you got to wear your favorite hat. Although anxiety rattled my nerves just watching others in the room speak, I told the group leader I am going to join before I walked out the door.  Today I continue to face my fears as I had started in 2012…. as the chains of fear slowly fade as l fulfill my promise to myself to live my life to the fullest.

Pursuit of Happiness

“I just want to be happy.” How many times have you heard this or even said this yourself. Many people chase happiness through a variety of paths : working to gain extra money, achieving a certain look, mood altering substances , gaining a status, relationships, etc

I have been reading Deepak Chapra: 10 Keys to a Happy Life. Food for thought as  I set  & tweak goals for 2013!  He speaks of not pursuing happiness for of living a life of fulfillment that is “carefully weaved with happiness.” Key elements that I have that resonated with me to create a happy life:  happiness equals listing to your gut, meditating, being mindful, utilizing love to make daily choices – detach from judgement of self & others, put only healthy elements into your body & mind, let go of negativity.

Coping with Stress through Awareness, Choice & Creativity



I took a deep breath yesterday and looked at how I was allowing my stress to work it’s way into my day. I noticed poorer eating habits, procrastination, zoning out by surfing the net, &withdrawing from friends and family by ignoring phone calls.

Then I reflected upon the 4 A’s: avoid unnecessary stress, alter the situation, adapt to the stressor, or accept the things you cannot change. I praised myself for spending a good part of the day researching various companies in the area &  companies I bookmarked months ago. I decided to accept that I am where I am …and it’s ok. With those two decisions I reached out to a loved one for support. 

Then I focused on Management of Stress… that included having fun and relaxing. Here is what followed:

  • My loved one decided to Grill out in the snow, he cooked traditional food in his family that is supposed to bring good luck for the year “pork chops, mashed potatoes & sauerkraut.”
  • Watched a comedy.
  • Then we played with one of his beloved christmas gifts, a horse head.
  • I drank a glass of wine and took a hot bath to end the evening.